From Scratch.  Everyday.

The kitchen is small, the recipes old, the neighbors nosy. 

        Welcome back to the simplicity of the 1950s.  We specialize in breakfast pastries, breads, and desserts--all made from scratch, everyday.  Pair any of these with a cup of our Lavazza coffee or Mighty Leaf tea and you've got the perfect start for a day along the bay.

        When I was a little girl, my grandmother gave me a little blue chair that we used in the kitchen as a step stool, making me just tall enough to learn how to cook.  Over the years I watched my mom and grandmother make every delectable thing known to man, and it is their recipes I now use in the bakery.  They have been passed down and around our family for generations, and now I am thrilled to share them with all of you. 



220 Marine Avenue, Newport Beach, CA 92662


(949) 673-4522